Mercedes-Benz Filters

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of having high quality filters fitted to your car. Poor filters can impact on your driving comfort, safety and even health. Over time, any filter will become less efficient as it becomes progressively blocked with particles and impurities.

Changing your car's filters on a regular basis can have a significant impact on your car’s performance and fuel consumption.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Filters come with a 2 year unlimited kilometre warranty against defects for your peace of mind. At Mercedes-Benz, car filters are made from superior quality materials, and designed specifically for your car.

Air Filters

Mercedes-Benz Filters

Air filters prevent dirt particles from entering your car’s engine and causing damage. Over a period of time the air filter will become progressively blocked with dirt particles. This affects engine efficiency and fuel consumption, and therefore the filter must be replaced at the age and mileage specified by Mercedes-Benz.

Use Mercedes-Benz Genuine air filters to improve the efficiency of your engine and minimise emissions.

Improve air quality

We only use the finest materials, developed to capture the maximum amount of dirt particles from the air.

Engine efficiency

Our filters are perfectly matched to your engine, to ensure low emissions and optimum fuel consumption.

Reduced engine noise

Our filters fit precisely in the filter housing, eliminating air leakage which can cause an increase in engine noise.

Fuel Filters

Mercedes-Benz Filters

Fuel filters capture impurities and stop them entering the fuel injection system. Over time, the fuel filter becomes full and must be replaced to prevent damage to engine components, and costly breakdowns.

Mercedes-Benz specifies fuel filter replacement schedules for each car. To find out when your fuel filter should be replaced, speak to your Mercedes-Benz Service Advisor.

To get the best performance from your car, we recommend you choose only Mercedes-Benz fuel filters, which are precision-matched to the other components in your car.

Optimum fuel quality

Our filters have been developed to capture the maximum amount of impurities in the fuel.

Maintain engine performance

Our filters have been designed to allow the precise flow of fuel to your engine, ensuring your car performs at its optimum.

Longer lasting

We use high quality materials that prevent premature deterioration of the filter.

Passenger Compartment Filters

Mercedes-Benz Filters

The passenger compartment filter captures dangerous and harmful substances from the air and provides the car’s occupants with improved air quality and driving comfort.

The service life of the filter is affected by factors such as the local environment, age and mileage. Over a period of time the filter will begin to block up and require replacement.


Our filters' design captures almost 100% of pollutants, including pollen and soot particles meaning they even help to keep you healthy!

Highly efficient

We have designed them to match the specification and air flow of the heating and ventilation system in your car.

Value for money

Our filters' design ensures that the entire surface area is used for filtering the air, so maximising service life.